Why use EFT?

Why use EFT?

Emotional blockages can cause issues within the body.

Since EFT is energy healing, it can be applied to a huge variety of situations – past, present or future. It seems that there is no limit to the uses of EFT. 


EFT can be used to clear negative emotions attached to past experiences, traumatic memories. This is why EFT can be the therapy of choice to deal with PTSD. 

Are you feeling pain? Do you have digestive issues? EFT can help you reduce the discomfort. It can also help you let go of unhelpful beliefs or negative emotions. We all have them, whether it is feeling unworthy, undeserving, sad or angry, for instance. 

Are you worried about your upcoming exams? A public presentation? A move to another country? EFT can also help you with those, It will clear your mind and body, leaving you relaxed and confident. 


If you are in pain, start tapping on it.

Do some tapping rounds, and remember to take some time to check for a shift between each round.  

If the pain doesn’t seem to go or moves to another area, ask yourself whether you can connect this pain problem to a specific emotion,  event,  or memory.

You might be surprised to find some connection your current pain and a past experience. 

Real life experience

I have personally used EFT to clear the following issues:  

  • anxiety,
  • fear of using a lift,
  • upsetting childhood memories,
  • feeling unworthy.

I have also helped people uncover the  connections between past events and their current situation and made them feel better.


Let EFT become your go to resource on the road to success!