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Many people feel stuck where they are. They believe they are in the wrong job, or the wrong relationship. They dream of a different life but give up attempting to change because they think change is not possible. In reality, a lot of people feel limited because of their beliefs. 

With EFT change is possible  and it will happen so quickly you will be amazed! EFT will help you clear negative emotions, trauma, limiting beliefs and more. 

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  • Learning how to tap is easy and can be done within minutes.
  • You can tap on your own, whenever required. 
  • Tapping helps you move on from a negative state of mind to a positive one. If you are feeling sad or angry, it is easy to use tapping to move on and focus on the task ahead. 
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"I felt much more free and calm after my session."

Tap with Daphne

Welcome to the world of tapping.

EFT is such a simple process you will be amazed. It’s as easy as ABC, really. 

Breathe, focus on your issue and start tapping on it.  You may feel a tingle. After a few rounds you will  realise that somehow your issue has become distant, that you are now looking at it with detachment. Your mind feels sharper. You find yourself full of renewed energy, ready to overcome any obstacle.

People who work with me  love that I give them space. They say that I listen to them carefully, without judging them and make them feel safe. 

My favourite part of the session is when I see the look of wonder on my clients’ faces as they realise how much has changed. 

I look forward to working with you.

Thank you!


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Discovery call

1:1 EFT sessions

Packages of EFT sessions

A complimentary  call to identify your needs and find out how EFT can help you. What is your issue? What are you hoping to achieve? 

One to one EFT sessions. We can work on a specific issue, such as fear of public speaking, overthinking, trouble falling asleep, among others. 

EFT can accompany you on your personal development journey. It can also be help while  you learn to live without cigarettes or when you make the move from employment to entrepreneurship. 

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Daphne also offers sessions on WhatsApp, Whereby or Facebook if more convenient. WhatsApp sessions: UK and France only.  


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or “tapping”) is a holistic therapy. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any particular individual or condition. One of the uses of EFT is to help managing symptoms of physical and/or emotional discomfort caused by chronic illness while the patient is under treatment.  Although EFT is not known to have any side effect, it is your responsibility to consult your licensed medical and mental health professional beforehand. The content of this website is not intended to substitute for proper medical and/or psychological advice. If you have any diagnosed medical condition(s), health problems, or mental health issues, check with  your physician  to ensure EFT is right for you . If you have been prescribed medication, you must continue your treatment as advised by your healthcare professional. Do not discontinue or change the dosage of any medication without the express permission of your GP or mental health professional. 


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