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Discovery Call

A complimentary  call to identify your needs and find out how EFT can help you. What is your issue? What are you hoping to achieve? 

Duration: 20 minutes

Price: FREE

1:1 EFT session

One to one EFT session. We can work on specific issues such as anxiety, fear of public speaking, overthinking, body image, insomnia and more. 

Duration: 75 minutes.

Price: £60.00 

1 to 1

Beat your Cravings

Address your food cravings with EFT. A quick start to managing your cravings for chocolate, sweets or fries, for instance. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: £40.00 


Exit Cigs

Wherever you are on your smoke free journey, EFT can help you! Nobody was born to be a smoker. Pack of 3 EFT sessions 

Duration: 60 minutes (x3)

Price: £150.00


Clarity with EFT

EFT for entrepreneurs. Are you looking to start a business? Do you own one and you feel stuck? EFT can help you gain clarity of mind. Pack of 3 sessions. 

Duration: 75 minutes

Price: £150.00

better business

Wonder You

A pack of 6 EFT sessions to help you become your best version. Move on from your past,  identify your limiting beliefs, gain confidence. 6 EFT sessions – £270 instead of £360.

Duration: 75 minutes 

Price: £270.00



“Daphne gave me a lot of space and made me feel listened to.”



H., UK


Core Values

“I chose to be an EFT practitioner because I wanted to help people feel better and in control again. I have always been into self-help and EFT is the quickest way to achieve spectacular transformation that I know of “. 

~ Daphne
  • Listening 
  • Trust
  • Safety
  • Space
  • Honesty
  • Privacy

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EFT can be of help with many kinds of issues. If you have any questions as to whether it is the right thing for you, check out my FAQs section. 

You may be wondering the following: 

– Is it safe for a pregnant woman to do EFT? 

– Can I do tapping on someone else? 

– I am on medication, can I do EFT?