My healing story

"At some point in my life I realised that I was worthless and that the only way to attract things was to chase after them."

Daphne accredited EFT practitioner

Can we heal ourselves? 

The answers are already within us. We need to stop being afraid to look for them.

Life is about healing. It’s a work in progress. There are ups and downs. Times when everything looks bleak. And times when our energy is so vibrant we fell like we could achieve anything. EFT helps me feel good on so many levels.

I believe we can be masters at healing ourselves. No one can do it for us and no one can do it better than us!

EFT is amazing. It helps make connections between past events and emotions or physical pain, for instance, leading to a better understanding of the current problem. Since EFT is about clearing blocks, negative emotions such as anger or sadness  are neutralised and replaced by calm and focus.

EFT has been of help in the following areas of my life: 


EFT has been a factor of change for me. It helped me clear strong negative emotions in relation to past events. I no longer dread using a lift, among other things!-


I am in a much better mood! I pay more attention to my own needs as well as other people’s. I feel more connected to people. 


EFT has opened up new perspectives in regards with how I can make a valuable contribution to this world. I have been taking on more courses and trainings! 


I no longer dread what the future holds. I am 100% in the present and look to the future with a lot more confidence than ever! I don’t see myself as a victim of circumstances.

“Unprocessed pain limits life options.”
Dr. Kathryn Rheem
Certified EFT trainer, supervisor & therapist

It feels safe to know that I can use EFT every time I get overwhelmed by my emotions. I can neutralise them  and move on. I am in control.